Short-lived Logo

Back in '07 I designed the logo for an upstart Toronto-based hi-end burger joint called Craft burger. Last year they decided to change the name to Big Smoke Burger for legal reasons to do with expansion into the US market. They’ve since come up with a generic dumbed down redesign to facilitate the new name. Oh well, I guess logos don’t go on smoking forever!


A Punk Story

Update (June 30, 2011): This project was just nominated for an ADCC award for Complete Book Design! We’ll see if it wins silver or gold in November.

This was a fun one. I worked on Dirty, Drunk and Punk for over a year and it was almost entirely a blast putting this one together. Dirty, Drunk and Punk is the epically sordid tale of the Bunchofuckingoofs, a seminal Toronto punk band (actually they were more of a gang/movement/cult) in the 80s and 90s that reigned supreme over the legendary downtown neighbourhood of Kensington Market. Author Jenn Morton and Kisha Ferguson have written and documented one crazy twisted story.