A series of posters for a monthly gig at a local pub. I play (fake) a little accordion, sing a few tunes, and design the posters for the Grindstone Cowboys, an alt. country band.


This is my third go-around designing a cover for Ray Robertson's fine Moody Food, a 60’s rock novel harkening the spirit of The Great Gatsby and Gram Parsons. Like Parsons, the novel's anti-hero with Christ-like overtones meets his doom off a desert hi-way. The electrical poles work well.

Incarnation #2 published by the Santa Fe Writers Project makes use of one integral image and a subtly  trippy title treatment.

Created in 2002, this is the original cover (published by Doubleday Canada) which attempts to combine elements of the burgeoning country-rock scene of the 60s with psychedelic drug-induced regalia of the day.


A couple spreads from inside issue #20 of Coupe. 
This issue runs on two paper stocks.

This is the cover of the brand new issue of Coupe. It is also the 10 year anniversary of the little magazine I began a decade ago. I wasn't really thinking that far ahead when I started this thing. It all just sort of happened which is the best way for things to happen I suppose.

This is a strange, introspective issue, certainly where Coupe is most comfortable. A single poem runs thoughout the pages, repeats, fragments, and alters amid the dense but stark images of a forest.