One of the good things about the internet and blogs in general is that design projects that get killed now have a place to see the light of day. 
Case in point, here are 3 covers I designed a few years ago for Michael Winter's most recent novel The Architects are Here. The story, much like my experience working on it's cover design, is an epic journey full of dark humour, tragedy, and death. I worked on the jacket design for a year, a year which started with a quick and unanimous OK for one of my early designs, and ended with a kill fee after 25 total cover designs and an awful lot of frustrations along the way. The greatest frustration was when I saw the dog of a design the publisher eventually stuck Michael and his book with. He and it deserved much better.



Three pieces from  a new collection entitled Indie·Punk·Typographic·Produce 
launched June 6, 09 at Coupe Space.
This series of seven montages are each 16" x 20". Rebuilt digital prints and tape under glass.
4 sold. 3 remain as of July 2.


My 2009 contribution to poetry:
Gun Dogs, Pigeon, and Mole (House of Anansi Press)
Always Die Before Your Mother (ECW Press)

And as a bonus this years Canadian winner of the Griffin Poetry Prize,
A. F. Mortitz' The Sentinel (Anansi, 2008). Congratulations Al.


The final cover design and runners up (runner ups?) for an anthology of some of the best non-fiction writing to emerge from the Literary Journalism Program of The Banff Centre in the past six years. I wanted to keep the design mainly typographic but with just a wee bit of Canadiana thrown in for good measure. I'm kind of glad the "Hudson's Bay Company" colours version wasn't chosen. Never fun being sued.


Nothing says 'summer time alt. country' like a Johnson.