A Collaboration

This book, entitled I travelled to India, got bitten by a dog, went back home and got a bunch of rabies shots then flew back to India and ate the country (catchy title huh? I penned that mouthful) is a collaboration between photographer extraordinaire Edward Pond and myself. This book documents Edward’s travels through India and the revered place that food holds in its culture.

More Spring Poetry, 2010


More from the “Reject” Heap

A great book of short stories from 2008. Written from a decidedly male view point this collection speaks of the forbidden, complex world of children acting out half-understood fantasies of adulthood; the familiar, modern world of young couples navigating hairpin emotional turns . . .
I quite liked the bananas design. I liked the way the bunch worked for a short story collection. It also played well with the cheeky title and humourously reflected the maleness of the stories.
But alas . . .