Long Lost

This a little glimpse into a project I worked on about 5 years ago.
A+R, Artist in Residence (originally Artist + Repertoire) was to be a highly visual book/music hybrid project. It was the invention of a group of talented Americans and it sounded extremely promising. Each issue was to feature just one artist or band. It was to be the ultimate super fan must-have. The premiere issue focused on the Icelandic band Sigur Rós. We went on a mini tour with the band (New York City, Atlantic City, snowed out in Cleveland, Toronto) and I compiled a thousand great photos. Long story short, artist politics and demands reared its ugly head. A certain lead singer decided that an art school boyfriend could do a better job with the design and that was pretty much about that.
Some things just aren’t meant to be. Or at least the way you think.

Here are original designs for a proposed Radiohead edition (cover) and a back cover and spreads from the Sigur Rós book.


The Grid

A little feature here in the premiere issue of The Grid.