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HERE'S a bit of an avalanche of my book work over the last decade or so . . .


Mai at the Predators’ Ball

Congratulations to Nigel Spencer, winner of the 2012 Governor General’s Award for translation. Glad to help out in some small way.


Lost NHL Games Re-imagined as Indie Rock Gig Posters.

With billionaire owners and millionaire players in the midst of yet another lockout whining over a few relative bucks I took it upon myself to take the money out of the game and re-purposed a handful of lost 2012–2013 hockey games as Indie rock posters.



Logo design for RUSTY BOY.


2012 Coupe Annual

Hot off the presses, the 2012 Coupe International Design + Image Annual is chock full of incredible design and creative eye food!



No Monkeyin’ Around

This year’s instalment of the CBC Massey lecture Series is by Neil Turok, one of the world’s leading theoretical physicists. In his lecture The Universe Within, he explores the transformative scientific discoveries of the past three centuries — from classical mechanics, to the nature of light, to the bizarre world of the quantum, and the evolution of the cosmos. Now, he argues, we are on the cusp of another major transformation: the coming quantum revolution that will supplant our current, dissatisfying digital age.

This decidedly upbeat account of mankind and its progress is, at times, the antithesis of A Short History of Progress, Ronald Wright's brilliant and hugely successful 2004 Massey Lecture book. This one's a tad more positive not to say that A Short History was devoid of hope for us.

This was the jumping-off point for the exploration an “homage” cover paying tribute to and having some fun with the now iconic cover I designed back in ’04 for A Short History of Progress. The idea was to play the cover the same as SHOF to a tee with just one glaring change. Swapping the disgruntled “he’s turned his back in disgust on the Human race” chimpanzee for a bright-eyed, hope-filled child.

In the end after some deliberation it was decided best to go in a new direction. The final design, a technology influenced human brain transposed upon the cosmos was a reasonably straightforward concept which i treated without bells and whistles with a utilitarian type treatment (personally hearkening back to 1960s Star Trek, a hopeful account of our future) using bright yellow to evoke the positive overtone of the book while at the same time keeping things scientific.


Coupe Competition Deadline Extension

It's official! The people have spoken and spoken and spoken and they want more time. So we're extending the deadline to Tuesday, June 19. Get all the details here!


Coupe Call

Get all the details here!


Barn Sale

We're having a barn sale! Details over at SMALLTOWNBOY.


Wall Work


A great thing about the internet that I very much appreciate is its ability to document my work when I'm too busy or lazy to do it myself. These are photos of some large format mixed media artwork from a 2008 show shot by the talented Jody Sugrue. They originally appeared on her excellent (but now defunct?) art/design/culture blog site eatingsandwiches.com. I miss these paintings so I'm grateful Jody made a record of them.