Wall Work


A great thing about the internet that I very much appreciate is its ability to document my work when I'm too busy or lazy to do it myself. These are photos of some large format mixed media artwork from a 2008 show shot by the talented Jody Sugrue. They originally appeared on her excellent (but now defunct?) art/design/culture blog site eatingsandwiches.com. I miss these paintings so I'm grateful Jody made a record of them.


Alternates and Never-Was Designs From the Archives

Deep into the 11th hour the publisher did a 360 and we ended up going back to the drawing board on the cover for this fun book project. (2002, Vintage)

This book’s title ended up changing to Rust and Bone and we wound up going in a very different direction. (2005, Penguin)

I just couldn't make this one happen. (2006, Anansi)

Unfortunately the Madonna project went on permanent hiatus. (2005)

This great little novel changed publishers (Arsenal Pulp Press) and was released in 2000. (1999, Anansi)

This job was anything but heavenly. (2009, Anansi)

Even though the general consensus was to steer clear of using an actual cockroach I just couldn’t resist! (2008, Anansi)