The Carnivore

Turns out I'm not a very diligent blogger.
Been darned busy with work and fun and some epic, life altering stuff.

A new jacket hot off the press for the nifty novel The Carnivore by Mark Sinnett.

Here's the synopsis:
In October 1954, just as Ray and Mary Townes seem to be establishing the perfect marriage, Hurricane Hazel barrels through Toronto, killing 81 people. Ray, a young cop, is hailed as a hero by the newspapers, for saving several lives from a rampant Humber River, while Mary is a nurse who performs her own small miracles that night. But as the young couple try to resume their life together in a shell-shocked city, Mary begins to doubt her husband’s story. Who is it, exactly, that stares out at her now from the cover of the Globe and Mail? Definitive answers prove elusive, and divisive. And fifty years later, when a reporter comes knocking, wanting to once more revisit and celebrate that violent night, a host of secrets finally surface that threaten to destroy them. 

Combining images of a historical photo evoking the era and setting, a detail of classic wallpaper connoting the idyllic dream of marriage in the 1950s, and a slab of protective plywood was almost enough. Almost. A big thanks goes out to my boy Michael Holmes for letting me add the first rain drops of the impending storm in the form of a clear spot varnish.