One of the good things about the internet and blogs in general is that design projects that get killed now have a place to see the light of day. 
Case in point, here are 3 covers I designed a few years ago for Michael Winter's most recent novel The Architects are Here. The story, much like my experience working on it's cover design, is an epic journey full of dark humour, tragedy, and death. I worked on the jacket design for a year, a year which started with a quick and unanimous OK for one of my early designs, and ended with a kill fee after 25 total cover designs and an awful lot of frustrations along the way. The greatest frustration was when I saw the dog of a design the publisher eventually stuck Michael and his book with. He and it deserved much better.


  1. I love these covers. I wish they used the one with the ocean and antlers.

  2. I enjoy the top one, with the fish. All are nice.

    I have a difficult time relating the imagery to the title, but asthetically these are gold.

  3. The cryptic title refers to impending trouble coming this way. The story's main themes revolve around a fire, a road trip, a drowning and a possible murder. Moose play a role too. It's a heck of a yarn.

  4. Thanks for posting these. I can't imagine what the publisher was thinking. The third one is my favorite!